Monday, August 17, 2015

Farmington with the NYC Trout Unlimited Group

Just a day after returning from Italy, I joined the local NYC TU group for a trip to the Farmington River in Connecticut. This was my first time fishing this river and I was instantly mad at myself for having put this off so long.

There was a nice long run and pool after some riffles behind our campsite. I spent the early afternoon fishing there. I was into some Salmon right away. What a surprise, I had no idea! They fight hard. They gave the Tenkara rod a real workout.

After a couple of those, I moved up to a tributary that was running low, but holding water just fine. There were many smaller salmon up there. They were taking a usual with wild abandon.

These little fish were fun to catch on my Kurenai HM30R. They put up a nice fight and jump all over the place. 

A great blue heron left this "gift" behind on a rock.

Later that night I lost an epic salmon of around 15 inches. It was just too much for the rod to handle. The brown below was the last fish I landed before calling it a night. Fishing in the dark is fun. 

Dinner was great and I can't thank the TU guys enough for organizing everything and cooking. It was fun to sit around the fire and talk about fishing - telling stories and sharing great locations is always a great part of these trips. We drank some champagne and beers and called it a night.

The next morning I caught what I swore was the same fish in the same spot... (not really, you can see the slight difference in patterns there.) After that I packed up camp and moved up river to fish some different water. There were plenty of places to fish.

This nice brown was in a deep and dark pool hidden off to the side of the river.

I caught browns, brookies and salmon over the course of the weekend.

I mostly used soft hackle flies, fished both dry and wet. I also had success with nymphs in the riffles. It seemed like different fish were willing to take different flies across a lot of the river, but the soft hackles worked universally at all times and in all locations.

Overall I lost a lot of fish, but landed enough to fell good. I can't wait to return with a slightly more suitable rod with a bit more reach and ability to land some slightly larger fish to give this river another crack. 


  1. Nice stuff! I've fished some of those places, had good luck in a few, bad luck in others. Bummer about the salmon, they do seem to stay in the river longer than usual there (and therefore get bigger).

    1. Have you ever caught any real whoppers (salmon) on the Farmington before? I'm wondering how big they get in there...

  2. Adam, well done. It's a big river but you can find the small stream in it.
    Nice brookies.