Saturday, December 3, 2016

Late Fall Browns & The Beautiful Places We Find Them

Late fall presented many challenges to the small stream angler... full sun, no water, and an early spawn made the brookie streams a lesser destination this fall. 

I spent some time hiking, and when I could get to where there was enough water, the fall browns made for a nice change of pace this year. 

I chased those fall browns in different states...

...and in different kinds of water.

Most of the fall browns I caught this year were wild.

A few were stocked, but fun to catch nonetheless.

The places we visit fishing for fall browns...

...and the foliage...

...and the views...

...make for a rewarding experience.

A few small streams have pools more difficult to access that still hold some water.

Beautiful but skinny fall browns populate places such as these.

And when the conditions are right, just after some rain, or when the water is released from a reservoir dam and flows with more vigor, the bigger fish begin to run up too.

This year was good to me and I was able to get some really nice fish in places that I don't often find many.

I've mostly been using variations on this kind of fly, below.

And this is the original that inspired it, a gift from a friend in Japan.

So many adventures to share from the last few months so check back again soon...


  1. Beautiful fish and scenery, and so well written -- as usual!

  2. Very nice post. Hope that water's coming back up since these outings.

    1. We finally got some rain but still not enough. Bring it on! :)

  3. As usual great piece Adam. Take care!

  4. That second to last fish has got quite a tail!

    1. Yeah that was a fun fight and one of the most beautiful fish I've ever pulled out of that particular river.