Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winter Tying & The Small Stream Special

The arrival of colder weather and piles of snow means more time is usually spent at the vice... And, reflecting on a year of success - countless days on the river in different locations around the world - it comes to mind that one trusty little creation is always at hand...

It all starts with a bead and a hook, whichever one deems best. Pearsall's silk or Danville's waxed, wrapped back then forward, dubbed then hackled - tagged and double whip-finished behind the bead.

Hen or pheasant adorns the body - wrap it as you please.

Places like this are where you'll drift, toss, and twitch this fly.

And wild ones that lurk beneath shall strike and pull and tug and leap!

Try it in white with pink, orange or red... see translucent effects with hair/yarn/thread.

Its called my little "small stream special" and here it is in many different shades!

But what about those warmer days? Or times when shallow water reflects the sun's bright rays?  Fear not... a dry or soft hackle is easily a short reach away.

But alas, back to thoughts of snow and ice and cold! And a few of my recent favorite patterns I'm tying, below:

The Rust Bucket
Grizzly-Bear Kebari
The Ron Burgundy
NJ Wild Brown Trout
See you at Somerset!

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