Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Off the Road and onto the Trail in New York

Rob had to go to a graduation so I took a quick break from the road back in New York. It was nice to return to daily hot showers and running water, but I wanted to keep on sleeping in my hammock. It really is that comfortable.

Rob took the train back to NY and we fished a local stream for a bit, but the action wasn't that amazing... it was still extremely cold with very high water levels. The next day we hiked Breakneck Ridge, one of my favorite hikes along the Hudson. 

The hike is basically a scramble the whole way, starting with a killer set of 4-5 rock faces and then a nice leisurely ridge traverse section before descending back to the road.

There are incredible views the whole way, and I was psyched for Rob to get to see it on such a perfect day. His photos are mixed with mine in this post since I did a bad job of documenting the day, mostly due to overly focusing on the scrambling.

We had ideal hiking weather... cool, sunny, breezy, with a few clouds to throw shadows on the river.

Along the ridge we found a vernal pool with a seemingly endless number of tadpoles in it.

Even though the hike is a real challenge, its more than worth it for those with no fear of heights and the will to put in the effort.

The following day we packed up and headed up to the Catskills for a campout along the Neversink with friends. Full report to follow in the next post. 

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