Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring has Sprung and a new Adventure Begins!

Life has been hectic in a good way recently... moving out of the city, putting everything into boxes and choosing what to bring along with me in order to live out of my car and on the trail... for the next 5-6 months. But before I got on the road, I hit a few local streams near the city.

The little wild browns were doing a good job surviving a fast-growing carpet of Didymo.

The colors on some of the fish were more vivid than others, and the spot patterns varied widely. Sometimes I wonder if there are different strains of browns in each stream.

Many of the fish were small, but a few were decent size for a little stream life this one.

Some interesting rock formations created the few deep pools on this stretch. Sometimes fish pod up here, but they also spook easily in full sun.

I managed a fish out of the pool itself, and missed another at the riffle up top.

Working my way up stream I found a few more trout willing to take my fly.

 I still had some packing to do for my adventure, so this was a short afternoon jaunt into the trout forest... and a successful one.

The day ended much as it began, with a view of a place that feels more wild than its suburban surroundings suggest.

So as this year's road trip & adventure begins, I say goodbye to my familiar local waters; looking forward to new experiences that lie ahead and the promise of new freedoms, a fresh perspective and each coming day.

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