Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dodging Dogs, Sinkholes and Snags - winter on the Mianus River

The Mianus River is a well known, highly pressured and yet extremely beautiful small river in Southwestern CT. Its no secret - there's a TU chapter bearing its name, and the parks that protect the river from encroaching development are favorite places for dog walkers and hikers out for a quick jaunt in the woods.

During the warmer months the trails are extremely busy. Most dog walkers pay no attention to the leash laws, often allowing their dogs to jump right in, ruining your chances at any fish.

However, in the winter, the number of dog walkers is reduced to a tolerable level, and the slight increase in solitude is a welcome reward and makes a visit not completely out of the question. This last month I've visited twice. 

Different days, same fish?

There are some deceptively deep pockets that can swallow a fly or give up a fish.

Little black stone flies were hatching and crawling around in the snow.

My #13 small stream special makes a great look alike and is the right kind of winter fly for this water.

Even in some wonderful looking spots and with the right flies on the end of the line, fish were nowhere to be found in some parts.

But back in the trout management section the action was once again good...

A few more twilight trout for a snowy winter's day.

The sun dips, the light is low; reflecting off the water in a deep glimmering glow, I am once again reminded that it is time to leave this forest and head home...

But a run-in with a fellow Tenkara Angler only reaffirms my commitment to this run and I take one more small one before calling it a day. Its the second time I've run into this guy on a random day of fishing... who would have thought? Tenkara gets around.


  1. Pretty browns. Those first two are different fish, very similar though!

    1. Yeah you're right. Spots are different. The body coloring was so similar... They both had this almost peach-colored hue :)

  2. Adam nice outing, and a busier trout stream there is not.
    I read a story a long time ago that stated the "Mickey Finn" was created on the Mianus. How about creating a Mickey Finn Kebari.

    1. Brk Trt - I never knew that. I'll think about how I might tie that up - good idea!

  3. It's so cool to see hatches happening in the snow! Makes for an easier time of fishing in the winter.

    1. It is nice! I find that any flies looking like stoneflies are always winners on a small stream for sure.