Sunday, October 4, 2015

Just one fish...

As I left the Mechanic's place yesterday afternoon with a fresh oil change completed, I had a moment of Deja-Vu. But I soon realized that it wasn't Deja-Vu, it was a real memory. Just about one year ago I was leaving the same shop under similar circumstances to go fishing nearby. Naturally, I decided to travel to the same stream and repeat.

The memory was real, and this was the scene as I arrived at the stream last October.
The weather has been less-than ideal these last few days, with the edge of the hurricane just missing us and dumping tons of (much needed) rain on the area. I had my Genryuko and some bead head flies on me and I arrogantly decided that conditions would be just perfect after this season's low water. Needless to say, it didn't look the same as the photo from last year. 

I arrived to a slightly soggy and wonderful-smelling fall scene in the forest. The rain had finally created the ideal conditions for fall mushrooms, and they were all around. A gentle cold breeze was blowing and the stream was running high, but not too high. I decided that I'd go for just ONE fish. An exercise in self control, if you will...

Walking up the stream I took my time. I decided I'd high-spot on this day since I was short on time, and selected two runs with perfect conditions to hold trout in high water. The first run yielded small nibbles, indicative of small creek chub, and I moved to the next. On the first cast I let the fly drift on the far side of the rock, above. On the second cast, I pulsed it. Wham! As if on cue, a mother and young child walked by on the trail behind me just as my rod bent hard under the weight of a nice fish.

At first it seemed this Rainbow didn't have much fight in it, but as soon as it saw me, that changed. It dove, it ran, and then it jumped. Many times. The child watched in amazement as I just kind of held the rod up and let the tip do all the work for me. A few moments later this fall rainbow was in hand. As I had promised to myself, that was it. I collapsed my rod and just walked away feeling good.

Returning home later I was pleased to discover that my new Pu-Erh tea had arrived. As I sipped on the first cup of this unique tea, I reflected on my day and was pleased to have been able to stick with my goal... you see, self control is a difficult thing and with more fish to be caught, how can one walk away after just one?? Yet somehow on this day it felt just right. I think I'll try it again some time.


  1. Sometimes that's all you need.

  2. It really doesn't get much better. One fish and a wonderful surprise waiting for you at home.

  3. Found your blog on the new Badger Tenkara forum. Way to go with the self-control. I may have to try that sometime, thanks for the inspiration :D

    1. I don't often succeed when it comes to self control, so thanks for the support ;)

      When you have to drive hours to fish in Japan it would probably take even more self control I'd assume?